Big enough to create first class work.
Small enough to be client focused.

We work with many different types of businesses. From start-ups to established industry leaders. We help companies find their tone of voice and define their goals. We build visually compelling brands that resonate and inspire.
How we work




Our passion and expertise are rooted in over two decades of experience. We work with you and your company to discover what works best in order to grab the attention of your target market and to build lasting relationships.
We drive the process and make it as simple for you as possible. Strategy vs creativity. Our collective team are honest, open and approachable. The people you meet in person and speak to on the phone are the same people who create your work.

We've created work for...



BBC and Bridle Creative
Careline and Bridle Creative
Dawes and Bridle Creative
Frovi and Bridle Creative
Giftpac and Bridle Creative
The Guardian and Bridle Creative
Hampstead Theatre and Bridle Creative
Mattel and Bridle Creative
NHG and Bridle Creative
Precision Angling and Bridle Creative
Redline and Bridle Creative
Royal Shakespeare Company and Bridle Creative
Stratford Artshouse and Bridle Creative
Steiss and Bridle Creative
Time Out and Bridle Creative
Warner Bros and Bridle Creative


Graphic design
Art direction



Visual identity
Logo creation
Web development
Brand style-guides

Motion graphics
Email newsletters
Vehicle livery
Content marketing
Exhibition displays





Who are your customers and how do you want your company to be perceived in their minds? By starting a creative project from a strategic point-of-view it enables us to research your target market and gain an insight into who exactly your customers are.
It's the process of positioning your company or product into the marketplace with a clear defined purpose. We research your market and gain clarity in order to create your brand personality. This dictates the creative direction we take.





“I ain't no Cowboy, I just found the hat!” - Branding is more than just a logo. It's more than a nice brochure or a sign over a door. It's all about consistency and how your customers engage with your product or service. Print, digital, social media - everything should be in harmony with one another.
As designers, it's part of our job to make things look good, but we believe that when it comes to your business needs, you should be asking for a lot more than style over substance. In an ever growing and expanding marketplace, you only have one chance to get it right.

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